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The SSSP Executive Board is pleased to announce the exciting news related to the Journal of School Psychology (JSP). Following a comprehensive search, Dr. Andy Garbacz was selected as the next Editor. He will begin his term as Editor Elect in January of 2024, and will serve as Editor of the journal from January 2025 through 2029.

Dr. Garbacz is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Co-Chair of the School Psychology Program. He has served as an Associate Editor of the journal for over 10 years. We sincerely appreciate all the work that Dr. Garbacz has already done for the journal and look forward to working with him as he continues to move JSP forward in the upward direction that it has had over the last many years.

The executive board would also like to express sincere appreciation to those individuals who applied for the position, and to Dr. Jamilia Blake who chaired the search committee.  The search committee consisted of Drs. Randy Floyd, Renee Hawkins, Laura Pendergast, Sherrie Proctor, Shannon Suldo, and Ad Hoc Member, Craig Albers. 

Congratulations to the newly inducted members of SSSP

Katie Eklund, University of Wisconsin

Scott Graves, Ohio State University

Bryn Harris, University of Colorado-Denver

Faith Miller, University of Minnesota

Daniel Newman, University of Cincinnati

Keith Radley, University of Utah

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