The Official Journal of the Society for the Study of School Psychology (SSSP)

The Journal of School Psychology publishes original empirical articles and critical reviews of the literature on research and practices relevant to psychological and behavioral processes in school settings. The Journal of School Psychology presents research on intervention mechanisms and approaches; schooling effects on the development of social, cognitive, mental health-, and achievement-related outcomes; assessment; and consultation. Submissions from a variety of disciplines are encouraged.

The Journal of School Psychology editorial team strives to publish the most methodologically and statistically sophisticated research in the pages of the journal in order to contribute to the science of school psychology. Full-length manuscripts presenting original quantitative and qualitative research are ideal to meet this goal. Scholarly narrative reviews of the literature on research and practices relevant to psychological and behavioral processes in school settings may also be appropriate. The Journal of School Psychology does not typically publish test reviews, book reviews, obituaries, or comments.

Questions about the appropriateness of a manuscript for the Journal of School Psychology should be directed to the Editor:
Michelle Demaray
Northern Illinois University

Associate Editors
Craig Albers, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Amy Briesch, Northeastern University
Andrew Garbacz, University of Oregon
Renee Hawkins, University of Cincinnati
Stephen Kilgus, University of Missouri
Sterett Mercer, University of British Columbia
Sherrie Proctor, Queens College, City University of New York
Lisa Sanetti, University of Connecticut
Jochem Thijs, Utrecht University
Jina Yoon, University of Arizona

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History of the JSP

A narrative history of SSSP and the Journal of School Psychology appeared in the Journal of School Psychology

Editors of the Journal of School Psychology

Years Editor Volumes
1963 – 68 Donald C. Smith 1–6
1968 – 71 Jack I. Bardon 7 – 9
1972 – 80 Beeman N. Phillips 10 – 18
1981 – 86 Thomas D. Oakland 19 – 24
1987 – 92 Raymond S. Dean 25 – 30
1993 – 98 Joel M. Meyers 31 – 36
1999 – 07 Robert C. Pianta 37 – 45
2008 – 10 Edward J. Daly III 46 – 48(4)
2010 – 14 Randy G. Floyd 48(5) – 52
2015 – Michelle K. Demaray 53 –