History of the Society

The Society for the Study of School Psychology (SSSP) is the direct descendant of the group that established the Journal of School Psychology (JSP) in the early 1960s. Over the past four decades, JSP has grown and prospered under the leadership of JSP editors (Donald Smith, Jack I. Bardon, Beeman N. Phillips, Thomas D. Oakland, Raymond S. Dean, Joel M. Meyers, Robert C. Pianta, Edward J. Daly III, Randy G. Floyd, Michelle K. Demaray, and Craig Albers (current)) and the progressive guidance of the JSP corporation. By the late 1980s, JSP was generating some profit each year, but only limited funds were available to invest in activities associated with promoting school psychology as a discipline and profession. Richard Abidin brought this fact to the attention of the Board and additionally informed the Board that the contract they had with the publisher was not favorable to JSP Inc. He then proposed that JSP Inc. be converted into a not-for-profit society and that a more favorable contract be sought at the next renewal of the publication contract for JSP. The rationale that the increase in funds would enable the new non-profit to have resources to benefit the profession. Richard Abidin made a number of proposals to the Board of Directors urging the change in status and then persuaded its members to donate their shares to the new SSSP. The original shareholders were given a cash settlement and a tax deduction as part of these arrangements. The process was an enormous undertaking with key roles played in the transition from the old JSP Inc. to the SSSP by Richard Abidin, James Eikeland, Michael Curtis, Thomas Oakland, and Emanuel Mason.

SSSP has a unique role among school psychology organizations, a mission that is devoted exclusively to recognizing and promoting scholarship and research. Although the total amount of funding varies annually, SSSP will distribute approximately $100,000 annually to support school psychology research activities. Major SSSP initiatives include the Early Career Research Award, Dissertation Grant Award, International Research Award, School Psychology Research Collaboration Conference, and Shapiro Mid-Career Award. This funding, coupled with the firm commitments of scholars and practitioners toward validating effective practices and expanding the scope and effectiveness of school psychological services, can become a significant force in the design and implementation of school psychological services in the 21st century.

A narrative history of SSSP and the Journal of School Psychology appeared in the Journal of School Psychology http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S002244051200088X.

Officers of the Society for the Study of School Psychology Since 1990

1990-1992Michael CurtisThomas OaklandEmanuel MasonJames EikelandRichard Abidin
1992-1994Emanuel MasonMichael CurtisDaniel ReschlyRichard AbidinJack Bardon, James Eikeland*
1994-1996Daniel ReschlyEmanuel MasonBeeman PhillipsRichard AbidinThomas Kehle
1996-1998Beeman PhillipsDaniel ReschlyThomas KratochwillSylvia RosenfieldThomas Kehle
1998-2000Thomas KratochwillBeeman PhillipsRichard AbidinSylvia RosenfieldCathy Telzrow
2000-2002Richard AbidinThomas KratochwillDaniel ReschlyBonnie NastasiKathy McNamara
2002Daniel ReschlyRichard AbidinSylvia RosenfieldBonnie NastasiShane Jimerson
2004-2006Sylvia RosenfieldDaniel ReschlyPatti HarrisonBonnie NastasiSandy Christenson
2006-2008Patti HarrisonSylvia RosenfieldSandra ChristensonJohn HintzeElaine Clark
2009Sandra ChristensonPatti HarrisonSusan SheridanJohn HintzeElaine Clark
2010Susan SheridanSandra ChristensonGeorge DuPaulJohn HintzeElaine Clark
2011George DuPaulSusan SheridanThomas PowerJohn HintzeKaren Stoiber
2012Thomas PowerGeorge DuPaulWilliam ErchulMargaret Semrud-ClikemanKaren Stoiber
2013William ErchulThomas PowerCynthia RiccioMargaret Semrud-ClikemanKaren Stoiber
2014Cynthia RiccioWilliam ErchulElaine ClarkMargaret Semrud-ClikemanKaren Stoiber
2015Elaine ClarkCynthia RiccioStacy OverstreetMargaret Semrud-ClikemanKaren Stoiber
2016Stacy OverstreetElaine ClarkRobert VolpeMargaret Semrud-ClikemanKaren Stoiber
2017Robert VolpeStacy OverstreetSandra ChafouleasJeffery BradenGary Stoner
2018Sandra ChafouleasRobert VolpeScott ArdoinJeffery BradenGary Stoner
2019Scott ArdoinSandra ChafouleasShane JimersonJeffery BradenGary Stoner
2020Shane JimersonScott ArdoinShannon SuldoJeffrey BradenAmy Briesch
2021Shannon SuldoShane JimersonJessica HoffmanJeffrey BradenAmy Briesch
2022Jessica HoffmanShannon SuldoMichelle DemarayJeffrey BradenAmy Briesch
2023Michelle DemarayJessica HoffmanJamilia BlakeStefan DombrowskiAmy Briesch
2024Jamilia BlakeMichelle DemarayLinda ReddyStefan DombrowskiAmy Briesch

Note. Until 2009, officer terms varied in length with presidents serving for two years.  Until 2008, terms were from August to August.  Thus, Sylvia Rosenfield was president from August 2004 until August 2006. Patti Harrison was president from August 2006 through December 2008. Sandra Christenson was president from January 2009 through December 2009.

*Eikeland was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Jack Bardon following Bardon’s death in 1993.

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