The Edward S. Shapiro Mid-Career Scholar Research Initiative (MCSRI) is designed to support and facilitate the research future of mid-career scholars.  The primary purpose of this initiative is to provide mentorship toward the acquisition of external funding through federal and foundation resources. Persons eligible to become Shapiro Mid-Career Scholars under this initiative are defined as individuals between two and ten years post-tenure and currently at the rank of Associate Professor or equivalent.  Eligible individuals not in an academic position would be those who are not at an equivalent number of years post-degree, usually between 10 to 17 years post-doctoral degree.  Scholars will not have been successful in seeking external funding for projects budgeted at $100,000 per year or greater but need to have shown evidence of progress toward this type of grant application process. Please note that it is SSSP's policy that no indirect costs (IDC) will be allocated for the Edward S. Shapiro Mid-Career Scholar Research Initiatives. Requests for proposals are announced on major school psychology listservs in August.

Previous Recipients


1. Mid-Career Scholar: Milena Keller-Margulis; Senior Scholar: Steve Graham
2. Mid-Career Scholar: Sterett Mercer; Senior Scholar: Steve Graham


1. Mid-Career Scholar: Alicia Fedewa; Senior Scholar: Thomas Power

1. Mid-Career Scholar: Robin Codding; Senior Scholar: Karen Stoiber
2. Mid-Career Scholar: Robert Volpe; Senior Scholar: Steve Evans