The Journal of School Psychology has many excellent editorial board reviewers who serve tirelessly behind the scenes as the backbone of the peer-review process. To recognize their contributions, the Journal of School Psychology Reviewer of the Year award was initiated in 2007. The award winner is selected based on nominations and voting of the Journal of School Psychology Associate Editors. The winner receives a prize of $250 and a plaque awarded at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association.

Previous Recipients:

2019 – Tanya Eckert

2018 – Daniel Hajovsky and Sterett Mercer

2017 – Melissa Collier-Meek and Stephanie Frederick

2016 – Nathaniel von der Embse and Karine Verschueren

2015 – Amanda Nickerson

2014 – Michael Axelrod

2013 – S. Andrew Garbacz

2012 – Brian French

2011 – Kristen Missall

2010 – Rebecca Martinez

2009 – Shannon Suldo

2008 – Robin Codding

2007 – Christine McWayne