International School Psychology Research Initiative

SSSP is dedicated to advancing the science of school psychology in the United States and globally. SSSP and the International School Psychology Association (ISPA) invite proposals by international researchers to investigate important school psychology topics within or beyond the researcher's home country or region.  Proposals that involve collaboration among several countries are encouraged to apply for possible funding of one grant of up to $10,000. Please note that it is SSSP's policy that no indirect costs (IDC) will be allocated for the International School Psychology Research Initiatives.

Previous Recipients

Marianne Kant-Schaps, MyGatekeeper (non-profit, Germany), "Digital Competence Framework for School Psychological Practice." SSSP Mentor, Dr. Rob Volpe

Dr. Maria Mateucci of the Università di Bologna: “Presence and Practice of School Psychology in Italy: A Survey on Characteristics, Training, Practices, and Challenges of School Psychologists.” SSSP Mentor, Dr. Steve Truscott


Dr. Maria Poulou of the University of Patras, Greece: “Validating the Classroom Strategies Assessment Scale (CSAS) in Greek Classrooms.”


Dr. Iveta Kovalcikova of the University of Presov, Slovak Republic: “Experimental verification of a program aimed at stimulation of executive functions of underperforming pupils from the Roma ethnic group – the stimulation potential of math.”

Dr. Michael Grosche of the University of Wuppertal, Germany; “Cross‐cultural development and evaluation of a universal behavior screening tool in schools."

Dr. Xianyou He & Dr. Xishan Huang of South China Normal University, China; "School Climate, Bullying, Student Engagement and Classroom Management Techniques: Differences between China and the U.S."