What is the Early Career Forum?

July 22, 2013

Mission: The Early Career Forum (ECF) exists to disseminate information to early career scholars concerning matters relating to their success as academicians and scientists, and to provide an on-line community of early career scholars to provide support, exchange ideas, develop and nurture collaborations. We define early career scholars as individuals who aim to embark on a research career or have begun a research career in a research center, university, or state or local agency. This includes graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and pre-tenure faculty in school psychology.

The ECF is designed to achieve this mission by:

  • maintaining a blog addressing topics of relevant to early career scholars in school psychology to allow for discussion among early career, mid-career, and senior scholars;
  • providing a forum for scholars to network, exchange ideas, and develop research collaborations.
  • engaging in live professional development and networking events during annual professional meetings;
  • inviting guest bloggers and speakers to enrich the diversity of perspectives represented in ECF activities;
  • collaborating with SPRCC to identify professional development and networking activities to foster ongoing engagement of early career scholars; and
  • gathering data on the needs of early career scholars in school psychology to inform content for the blog and other professional development activities.

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