Methods matter: The promise of empirical research to inform practice (NASP 2019 Handout)

Access the handout here.

Session: Pendergast, L. L., Hier, B. O., Klingbeil, D. A., & Ysseldyke, J. (2019, Feb.). Methods matter: The promise of empirical research to inform practice. E. R. Van Norman (Chair). Symposium presented at the National Association of School Psychologists Annual Convention, Atlanta, GA

Summary: The purpose of this symposium was to gain insight from early career scholars and a senior scholar regarding: (a) how to acquire the necessary skills to perform empirical research, (b) strategies to establish a productive line of research using various methodologies, (c) pitfalls to avoid when preparing manuscripts that use a given methodology, and (d) the outlook for research conducted using each of the methodologies discussed. The focus of the symposium this year included latent variable modeling techniques (led by Laura Pendergast from Temple University), randomized control trials (led by Bridget Hier from the University at Buffalo), and single-case experimental designs (led by Dave Klingbeil from the University of Texas-Austin). Given the positive response from this session, the ECF plans to submit another symposium that focuses on three different methodologies for NASP 2020. Please feel free to contact to recommend specific methodologies you would like to see discussed.

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